Roger Owen, Executive Chef at The Concho Pearl Icehouse

Chef Roger Owen was introduced to kitchen culture by his family. Chef’s mother, grandparents and aunts all spent time in the kitchen, but it was his grandfather who introduced wild game and fresh meats into his world. Born in west Texas and raised in San Angelo, it wasn’t until he was an adult that Chef decided to make cooking a career. While traveling the southern states, Chef began to learn various skills in the kitchen and his passion for food grew to the point that it brought him back to Texas and TCA in Austin. After his time at TCA, Chef went on to work with Chef Ramon Tatum at Backstage Steakhouse and then under Chef Harry Harvey at Sienna in Austin. Chef has pursued his culinary passions as a Saucier, and has kept his grandfather’s tradition of sourcing fresh meats going in his own kitchens. Before becoming the Executive Chef at Rio Concho Catering, Chef held the positions of Executive Chef at Utopia Village Resort in Honduras and Sous Chef at Lyon’s Fork in Lyons, Colorado. Chef Roger’s skill and love of fresh, farm-to-table produce and wild game are the perfect recipe to all of us here at The Pearl, and we certainly think you’ll agree!